Banned Books Launch

The University of Mississippi English Department is proud to announce our very first Banned Books Week. Several professors, teaching assistants, and students have come together to write about their favorite banned books. This week, we will celebrate the ability to read these beautiful works of literature after a prolonged history of burning texts solely for questioning the status quo and creating critical thinkers.



TIME Magazine perfectly summed up the censorship of texts in their Banned Books Week article, stating,


“Written words running loose have always presented a challenge to people bent on ruling others. In times past, religious zealots burned heretical ideas and heretics with impartiality. Modern tyrannies promote the contentment and obedience of their subjects by ruthlessly keeping troubling ideas out of their books and minds. Censorship can place people in bondage more efficiently than chains.”


Here is our lineup of books for the week:


The Banning of Books – Chris Offutt


Tuesday – 1984 – Ian Whittington


Wednesday – The Bell Jar – Mary Kathryn Barry


Thursday – The Lord of the Rings – Karen Raber


Friday – Slaughter House Five – Margie Cox


We will also be checking in to Off Square Books throughout the week for their various Banned Book shirts, mugs, and various covers of our favorite Banned Books.

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