Extra Curricular – Meet the Rebel Writers

The Rebel Writers is an informal creative writing group that meets outside of classes to offer critique and criticism to undergraduate students who are looking toward publishing their creative works. Members of the Rebel Writers represent students from various majors across campus, not just English majors! Weekly meetings trade off having members participate in activities such as free-writing, workshopping, and the famed Round Robin exercise, which challenges writers to finish each other’s stories in a fast paced game of spontaneous creativity. The informal environment makes it easy for members to receive honest feedback on their pieces, while also utilizing their fellow writers to help bounce ideas about their work.

“It was really galvanizing to see what a large and robust group of students gather here to focus on creative writing,” says English Professor, Beth Ann Fennelly, who recently visited the group as one of their inaugural guest speakers. “I know these are people that have a lot of demands on their time–schoolwork, work work, etc.–so to see that room packed with people freely choosing to put aside other concerns and honor their creativity, all because they love writing and want to be better, was pretty inspiring. It was a thrill to be a part of that energy. I already know I’m lucky to be doing what I love, but it’s still nice to be reminded of that. Writing matters to Rebel Writers. They are pretty awesome.”

The group is entering its sixth semester on campus and is currently operating under its third president since its inception. Advisor Alex Watson from the University of Mississippi Library has been with the group since it began.

“I’ve been the Rebel Writers advisor for three years, and I still try not to miss a meeting. Seeing what these enthusiastic writers can accomplish is an inspiration to me in my own writing, and a reminder to all of us that the love of the written word transcends majors and disciplines,” Watson says of the group.

The Rebel Writers meet every Tuesday in the Library and are always open for new members to join! Students can reach out about joining by emailing umrebelwriters@gmail.com. Professors can reach out about speaking with the group by emailing Vice President Conor Hultman at cwhultma@go.olemiss.edu.