Meet the New Student Organization, Cover to Cover!

Cover to Cover is a new student organization, founded by sophomore Joshua Mannery, a double major in English and Political Science, pictured above (far right) with his executive board. Joshua sat down with one of our interns recently to talk about this new group.

Malerie Lovejoy: So tell us a little bit about your organization.

Joshua Mannery: Cover To Cover is an organization focused on promoting networking and camaraderie between people with any type of love for English. We meet and host different events like socials and community service in order to build up a safe environment for all interested.

ML: What about the name? Cover to Cover — how did you come up with that, or why was that the one you picked?

JM: One of our advisors, Prof. Nezhukumatathil, actually pitched the name of the organization along with a few other options, like Metaphor and Period. We as a consensus agreed that Cover To Cover was probably the best answer, for it encapsulated the English spirit and promised a full range of different ideas through the suggestion of a story being told.

ML: What got you interested in starting this organization?

JM: I’ve always wanted to start an organization, although I for sure thought it was going to be something Harry Potter-related. The idea for an English organization came from an idea I had about creating a club that provided service to kids in the community by helping out with different language arts areas. That could be through helping workshop papers or by re-examining certain grammar mechanics. Through pitching this idea to Professor Drew and an advisory team, Cover To Cover was born, combining that service element with a focus on promoting socializing amongst like-minded people.

ML: Why do you think it is important for students to get involved with English in the community?

JM: English isn’t the easiest of subjects. Even as a major, I am not fond of things like writing papers and analyzing poetry, a sentiment I’m sure is shared amongst a lot of people. However, you have kids who, due to circumstances outside of their control, are expected to grasp topics and skills simply outside of their current capacity. Therefore, I feel as if it’s our responsibility to help out when and where we can, for it is up to us to help inspire and promote the next generation of English majors and minors.

ML: Has there been anyone in the English Department here that has sort of inspired this journey for you?

JM: Professor Drew definitely helped me get re-acquainted with the subject, for I had held off on taking English classes for a while. I definitely owe my love for English as a subject to my high school AP English Professor Sarah Ballard, an alum of Ole Miss! She put me on this path and I will always be grateful!

ML: So Cover to Cover just hosted their first Halloween social — how did that go?

JM: It went great! The best part about it was the fact that it was mostly composed of entirely new interested students, so although I had to adjust to a lot of new people, the fact that we have two different groups of interested people who are ready to commit to the organization is wonderful! In terms of the social itself, the Fear Factor game we played really brought things together. The laughs we all shared amongst each other definitely were team-building!

ML: Do you have a favor scary story or scary novel?

JM: The Night of the Living Dummy by R.L. Stine!

ML: What’s next for Cover to Cover?

JM: Right now, I’m focused on getting us certified by the OLA so that we can become official on campus. That way, we can reach a larger audience and guarantee a successful inaugural year! In terms of the organization, we’re still building and preparing for the future, so we’ll have one more meeting this semester, and then hopefully really get the ball rolling next semester!

ML: How can students get involved?

JM: As mentioned earlier, we have our last meeting of the semester November 14th at 6 in Bryant 111! You just come and we can put you on the list. If you can’t make it, we can always email you the quick application to join! It’s really simple to complete. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email!

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